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1-on-1 Personal Training/Health Coaching

Ready to take the first step towards a healthier, happier you? Schedule your complimentary assessment today!

Complimentary Assessment and Personalized Training Plan

We'll discuss your fitness goals, exercise history, nutrition, and lifestyle, as well as assess basic movements, to create a personalized training plan - no two programs are alike. Whether you're aiming for specific fitness goals or need modifications due to injury or health concerns, your program will be made to suit your needs.

Private Training Space

Our personal training sessions are held in a private space located behind A Runner’s Mind Burlingame. You won't be sharing the space with other trainers or clients, ensuring your privacy and focus.

Flexible Training and Payment Options

In addition to one-on-one sessions, you can supplement your training with group workouts. This blend of personal and group sessions helps minimize costs while maximizing results. You also have the freedom to pay for each session individually.

Enjoyable Workouts

Our approach to training is all about making it fun and enjoyable, while still pushing you to work hard. We believe in creating an environment where you feel motivated and empowered to achieve your goals.

Holistic Approach

We understand that fitness is more than just physical. That's why we incorporate mental health into our training philosophy. Many of our sessions have evolved into therapeutic experiences, leaving clients feeling not just physically stronger, but mentally rejuvenated.

Trainer's Perspective

As the founder of Reborn Fitness, I have personally experienced the transformative power of fitness. Having been a client myself, I understand the challenges you face and am dedicated to helping you overcome them.

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Schedule Your Complimentary Assessment

Let us help you design a program for your fitness journey.  We will meet to discuss what your needs are, then go through a few basic movements together.  This will help prepare a program that is just right for your needs!

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