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Health Coach / Personal Training

Lisa B.

  • “Earlier this year I set a very big and scary goal for myself that was a significant step up in my running ability. I knew I wouldn’t get there without lots of help and personal training with Cat was just what I needed. She listened carefully to my hopes and fears, figured out where I needed the most work and came up with a plan. I know Cat is an amazing trainer from her classes but what was really impressive is she made sure she knew what running specific training was needed - she did her homework. I’ve unfortunately met too many trainers who have one plan for everyone or wing it - that’s not Cat. She takes every client seriously and is there for you 100%, every time. I’ve never felt so supported and cared for by a trainer which also made me work harder. Cat is my secret weapon - don’t walk, run, to sign up with her - you won’t regret it.”

Jen D.

  • Here's a shout out to personal training with Cat! After taking a few years off of playing competitive tennis, I knew I needed some extra help to get back on the court.  I started doing personal training with Cat and then added her group class at Reborn Fitness to my workout routine.  Not only am I back playing tennis, but I now have improved my stamina and agility.  She is fun to work out with, and completely challenges me by always mixing up the workout routine.  Most importantly, she listens to my goals and programs personal training exercises to help achieve it.  The workouts are never easy, but there's always a laugh or two along the way.  Thank you Cat!

Carolyn K.

  • I signed up for weekly personal training with Cat and it was one of the best decisions I've made this year. Thanks to Cat and Reborn Fitness, I've noticed that my energy levels and overall mental health have improved drastically from before I started.  In our first session, Cat asked me about my fitness goals and each subsequent week she designed a custom set of lower body, core, upper body and cardio exercises for my PT session. I can always trust Cat to watch out for correct form, patiently answer questions about what certain exercises are doing, encourage me, and give me the necessary push in moments when I need it :)  Cat also keeps the sessions fun, humorous and conversational and I've definitely used our sessions as a healthy vent sess. (I still can't have conversations while holding a plank though...)  Eventually, I was able to gain enough strength and  confidence to join her group classes, with convenient booking through the Mind Body app. Her students range from all ages and levels and her class environment is positive and upbeat. As someone who is wary of toxic gym environments, I truly appreciate the no judgement, safe space she created. The indoor outdoor space gives you the privacy you want in a class but also the nice fresh air to breathe rare in a gym environment.  I highly recommend this class to anyone on the fence about personal training or trying to reestablish a regular workout routine. Thank you, Cat and Reborn Fitness for helping me get back on track with my goals!

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