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We're all stronger together! Fitness journeys are better with friends who know our stories, and care about where we're coming from and where we're going. Reborn Fitness classes create a space to bring people together under the common goal of health and wellness, while using functional strength training to help enrich daily lives. Using low weight exercises to keep the blood pumping, our fitness classes burn calories and build a base of strength that empowers folks to do more and feel better doing it!

Our outdoor group fitness classes are open and welcoming to everyone! We have found our passion in teaching core strength and Bootcamp fitness classes. There's something for everyone, between classic fitness classes and boxing HIIT workouts, all with supportive instructors and fellow students. We want what everyone wants - and that's to be healthier!




Burlingame personal trainer before and after fitness transformation

Fitness Instructor, Health Coach, Personal Trainer and Reborn Fitness Founder & Owner.


Cat Lopez is a dynamic leader who strives to connect cultures, communities, and people.


This self-proclaimed “fitness junkie” is transforming lives, one workout at a time. In her mid-30s, after a constant struggle with her weight, Cat was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Faced with this life-changing challenge, she elected to skip the surgery and chemo, and fight cancer through stress management, a nutritional plan, and fitness.

On her 39th birthday, not only had Cat beat cancer, she was certified as a fitness instructor. Through this journey, Cat emerged as a stronger, healthier person — or as she says, she was REBORN.

Now, through Reborn Fitness, she teaches cardio, core, and conditioning, and has created a community that welcomes and supports people of all fitness levels and backgrounds. Every day, Cat brings energy, grit, and charisma to her fitness classes. And behind every ounce of encouragement and passion is a whole lot of heart — living proof that when you work hard, anything is possible.

Listen to Cat's interview on the Burlingame: It's a Small Town podcast!



“Cat has such high energy and isn't afraid to challenge you; pushing you to levels you never thought possible.

No matter your athletic abilities, I guarantee you will get a great workout. This is the perfect class for anyone training for obstacle course races or just overall fitness.  Cat has such high energy and isn't afraid to challenge you; pushing you to levels you never thought possible.   I love the fitness results/ body transformations I had achieved (so far) from this class and know you will too!


I'm still coming to the Reborn classes and Cat's classes are still as amazing as when I first started!

She's the most hardest working, enthusiastic, creative and supportive woman I know. I have been able to maintain my initial weight loss for over a year and I owe it to her for giving exercises that have challenged me along the way (oh and meal prep). Can't thank her enough for being apart of my fitness journey.

Check her out via mindbody app, class pass app, or her super affordable drop in/monthly rates on her website. More info also on IG @rebornfitness650


3C from Cat and Reborn fitness is the perfect workout for anyone regardless of age, condition or gender. I've been taking classes with Cat for over two years and I love how she creates an entirely new regimen for each class to help keep the workouts fresh. However what really separates this from any other workout is the instructor Cat. She has a passion for teaching and along with her warm and engaging personality the class stays positive and high energy. She knows when to turn up the intensity and when to give a high five with a warm smile

Most of the class are regulars and this helps build a supportive environment that is welcoming and fun which you won't find at a big chain gym. I've made some incredible friends in the class that help keep me motivated and even had a few of them help me conquer my first ever Spartan race.

I've been taking classes with Cat for over two years and have experienced a total body transformation, lost over 20lbs and embraced positive lifestyle changes. If you're looking for a total body workout that is going to be challenging and rewarding then you need to check out Reborn Fitness!





1111 Howard Avenue 

Burlingame, CA 94010

Tel: (650) 242-5072


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