Real people, making real effort to get real results.  Here are just a couple of testimonials from regular Reborn Fitness members!

Dawn P.

"My weight had slowly crept up since college. Then working full time with two kids I couldn’t figure out how to make time to take care of me. I had poor eating habits and no time to get out and exercise. I didn’t acknowledge it at the time but the combination had a fatal effect – it robbed me of me. I heard about Reborn Fitness classes at Bay Meadows in September 2015 while recovering from a major surgery. The doctors had to remove a blood clot and my first rib. The rehab was not only regaining strength in my right arm. My overall fitness was at issue. In January of the same year I had found Zumba and at the time of surgery I was going 3x a week. Reborn Fitness' Zumba classes at Bay Meadows was a great way to get back into moving after the surgery. In October, Reborn Fitness introduced 3C–Bootcamp classes. The class was brutal but at the same time I knew this was exactly what I needed. We did circuit training in the dark with portable lights until Thanksgiving! When it got too cold to continue outside 3C–Bootcamp went on hold. Although I was still doing Zumba 3x a week at other classes, I missed the intensity and the camaraderie by Reborn Fitness. In January 2016 I felt like my workout routine was well established and I turned my attention to making better food choices by adding a meal replacement regimen and started to see the physical results. 3C–Bootcamp came back in May and I couldn’t wait. There is something about getting excited for a workout. And the people who are drawn to this class are the best. After a couple of months of sucking wind after every class, one of the regulars told me I should try running to help build my endurance. I laughed, but then a friend at work helped me not only find the time but showed me I could do it. Now I try to get out at lunch for a run at least a couple times a week. We motivate each other and are there to keep each other on track. It’s the best kind of addiction. Reborn Fitness has provided me the path to stay on track. To date, I've lost 50 pounds so far and I'm not done yet!"

Sylvia R.

“Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise"- Sigmund Freud. This quote probably best describes who I am today. There are times in your life where you set goals, fail but learn from them all. For most of my life I was never a thin person yet never too big until I saw that picture of myself in the upper left hand corner, when I realize I really hated who I was becoming. It's still hard looking at that picture without wanting to throw darts but instead I squat more. Ha!
The truth is, I love people of all shapes and sizes. I admire most, those who are confident. Especially the ones who are true to themselves and purely humble. That is true beauty. Being loved by others always came easy to me. What was difficult was falling in love with myself. It didn't matter if it was at the time I weighed 119lbs or at the time when I weighed 165lbs. It wasn't until age 33 during a time when I lost all mobility. That is when I appreciated myself. I promised myself that if I had a second chance to walk, I would do anything and be grateful. And I was truly grateful. Now at age 40, I am following my bucket list. From that list, the white dress picture was the motivation to achieve new goals. Who knew that working out could be so much fun! It became a part of my life not an obligation. Through my journey, I went through a few trainers which brought me to Cat. Going through Cat's training made me feel comfortable to attend other classes and use weights and equipment with confidence. Now, working out feels so natural. Thank you Cat for believing in me. You push me when I need it most. It feels great. A special thanks to my husband for always loving me unconditionally no matter what size. Truly blessed.

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