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We are so happy to have the opportunity to finally offer our brand of Group Fitness Classes to everyone! We have found our passion in teaching Core Strengthening and Bootcamp styled fitness. Our classes will have you working out and having fun all with a smile! We want what everyone wants and that's to be healthier!


Owner and Group Fitness Instructor


Cat Lopez is a dynamic leader who strives to connect cultures, communities, and people.


A self-proclaimed “fitness junkie” is transforming lives, one workout at a time.  In her mid-30s, after a constant struggle with her weight, Cat was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  Faced with this life-changing challenge, she elected to skip the surgery and chemo, and fight cancer through stress management, a nutritional plan and fitness.


On her 39th birthday, not only had Cat beat cancer, she was certified as a fitness instructor.  Through this journey, Cat emerged as a stronger, healthier person — or as she says, she was REBORN.


Now, through Reborn Fitness, she teaches dance, cardio, core, and conditioning, and has created a community that welcomes and supports people at all fitness levels, as well as different backgrounds.  Every day, Cat brings energy, grit, and charisma to her classes.  And behind every ounce of encouragement and passion is a whole lot of heart — living proof that when you work hard, anything is possible.


3C & Crash Core Creator


In 2012 at 5' 8" 205 lbs I really needed a change to be healthier. I made that change by joining a local bootcamp for a 6 week weightloss competition. I was doing okay but felt like I needed more. So, I added more!  More Cardio!  More Core!  More Conditioning! I lost 27.5 lbs in 6 weeks. I realized that nothing is impossible with the right motivation, functional training and especially a great nutrional commitment.


I made it part of my life.  So much so that the gym I attended hired me to teach Group Fitness. I instantly fell in love with it!


No doubt I'm intense and love to train for obstacle course races, but don't let that fool you, I'm all heart inside. I always try to be thoughful about my students who take my class. I care about everyone and make a commitment to them to get healthier. I've made it part of my life to try to help others and motivate them and convince them that it's never too late to make a change. It's never too late feel Reborn!


Group Fitness Instructor


I’ve been on countless teams - Alpine Ski, Track, Cross Country, Dance - they all informed my passion and commitment to living an active, healthy lifestyle. After my collegiate cross-country career concluded I turned to group fitness classes to stay motivated and meet a community similarly dedicated to an active lifestyle.

At Reborn, I’m dedicated to helping you find your motivation and your community. I’m here to help you set goals and work towards achieving them. We’ll work hard, but we’ll have fun doing it!


Group Fitness Instructor


My experience with weight-lifting began in high school, training with collegiate football athletes and future Olympic lifters about the importance of fitness, how to get a great workout with correct form, and how to have fun meeting your strength and conditioning goals along the way. On top of that I was fortunate enough to play club baseball at the University of Oregon, winning a national championship in 2015, and training with some of the best athletes I’ve known. I try to bring my past experiences as a weight-lifting addict and collegiate athlete into our gym in order to create fun, exciting, and tough workouts that can fit anyone’s skillset.

My style of teaching is centered around maintaining great form, working within your skillset, and making sure you’re having fun the whole time. So whether you’re just starting out, you’re a seasoned gym veteran, or you’re just getting back into the swing of things – my number one priority is making sure you have a great time here at Reborn!

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